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  1. Part 2A of Form ADV  Part 2A of Form ADV is filed by Werlinich Asset Management each year with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). WAM is required to provide ADV parts 2A and 2B annually to its clients and to all prospective clients. Part 2A details all of the business practices, fee schedules, disclosures and background information on the company.
  2. Part 2B of Form ADV  Part 2B is a brief supplement to Part 2A.
  3. Client Contract – Discretionary Management   This is WAM’s contract to provide discretionary investment management services.
  4. Client Contract – Consulting   This is WAM’s contract to provide hourly consulting services.
  5. Client Objectives   We request that all prospective clients fill out this two-page questionnaire. All information is kept strictly confidential.
  6. Risk Tolerance Profile   We request that all prospective clients complete this profile to help us gauge your tolerance for investment risk. All information is kept strictly confidential.
  1. Investing Seminar   This is a presentation on finance and investing.
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