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As part of his continuing efforts to educate and engage individual investors, Greg created a new blog called "It's Your Money". Greg uses this forum to discuss items that relate to personal finance, the stock market, the economy and the political landscape; after all, it all effects your money. Greg creates new content every week and looks forward to having a dialog with his readers. So check out the blog by clicking here. Then comment, ask a question or simply give an opinion. And if you enjoy the discussion, please visit often and share the link with your friends.

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  • The Importance Of Philanthropy September 12, 2016
    “Living well has at least two parts to it: living a life that makes you happy, and living a life that is of service to others…To find an activity truly fulfilling, you must both take pleasure in it and feel … Continue reading →
  • Thoughts after the RNC and the DNC July 30, 2016
    (Disclaimer – I am a moderate, centrist Democrat; seemingly an endangered species.) The parties are over in Cleveland and Philadelphia as both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions have have packed up and gone home. The cameras are gone, the balloons … Continue reading →
  • I Hope You Listened March 21, 2016
    My last two blogs were written on February 13 and February 29. In the former I wrote: “It is not time to panic. Things are not nearly as dire as they were leading up to the crash in 2008. Outside … Continue reading →
  • What I’m Thinking Today February 29, 2016
    In honor of the extra day in February this year, and on the eve of Super Tuesday, I thought it was a good time to jot down some random thoughts on the market, the economy and the election. So, in no … Continue reading →
  • I’m Back – Time To Speak Some Truth February 13, 2016
    After a long absence from blogging, it’s time for me to return to writing more frequently. Between the upcoming election and the turmoil in the stock market, there is plenty to write about. So let’s get to it. To start … Continue reading →
  • The Awesome Power Of Compounding October 24, 2014
    This week will be a simple blog, yet it could be one of the most important things you’ll ever read. And while the concept may seem rudimentary, it is extraordinarily powerful. This is how true wealth is created; not by … Continue reading →
  • Don’t Succumb To Blind Fear October 15, 2014
    The past week has been a very turbulent, and nerve-wracking, time for investors. Stock markets around the world have been rocked by massive losses. In just the seven trading sessions, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (#DJIA) has fallen about 850 … Continue reading →
  • #DJIA and #DJTA close at record levels, September 17, 2014
    #DJIA and #DJTA close at record levels, which according to Dow Theory, means we remain in a bull market. Duh. S&P 2 pts away. Dollar up.
  • Have You Taken My Advice? August 21, 2014
    This year I’ve written blogs entitled “Don’t Panic”, “I Hope You Didn’t Sell”, “It’s Still Not Time To Panic”, “Tech Stocks On Sale” and “The Market Continues To Climb A Wall Of Worry”, to name a few. Do you see … Continue reading →
  • Invest or Die Poor June 25, 2014
    Do I have your attention? Good. This is serious stuff. If you are like the vast majority of Americans, you are primarily responsible for your own financial future. And the deck is stacked against you. In the old days, before … Continue reading →
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