Fiduciary Duty From Your Advisor

This week, I’d like to talk about fiduciary duty. I will be borrowing liberally from an article written by Knut Rostad in the February 11, 2013 edition of Investment News. Mr. Rostad is the president of the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard, a nonprofit formed to advance fiduciary principles through research, advocacy and education. By way of background, fiduciary law was established to...

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Who’s Managing Your Investments?

So who’s managing your investments? Are you trying to do it yourself, after work and putting the kids to bed, but before Letterman? Are you relying on Cramer or Suzy Orman, or one of the popular magazines for your tips and advice? Are you concerned that the complexity of the investment world and the myriad available choices is becoming too daunting for you to navigate alone? Maybe your...

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