Our Clients

Our Clients

As of December 31, 2017, WAM managed roughly $95 million for a select group of clients and family members living throughout the United States and abroad. Our clients are typically college educated, hard-working and fiscally conservative. They understand the importance of saving and investing now in order to achieve their future financial goals. They also recognize the value of working with a skilled and trusted fiduciary who can design, implement and monitor an effective and appropriate investment plan.

A sampling of WAM’s clients over the years has included: teachers, nurses, doctors,  bankers, entrepreneurs, farmers, insurance agents, lawyers, interior decorators, corporate and not-for-profit executives, court stenographers and retirees. We also manage the investments for a philanthropic family foundation.

The types of accounts that we manage include individual and joint taxable accounts, traditional IRA’s, Rollover IRA’s, Beneficial IRA’s, SEP IRA’s, SIMPLE IRA’s, trust accounts and custodial accounts for minors. Basically, we can handle any type of account that can be invested.

While the specific needs are every individual are unique, we are probably already working with someone whose basic situation is similar to yours. So give us a call and discover how we can help you save and invest for all of your possible futures.

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